Chiari Research Needs You

The Chiari 1000 Registry is an innovative study that uses the Internet to gather information from a large number of Chiari patients both adults and children. Our goal is to enroll at least 1000 Chiari patients.

Chiari 1000 is a web accessed, secure database that collects and stores demographic and health related data, neuropsychology data, and MR scans voluntarily provided by Chiari patients.

The information collected will be used by Conquer Chiari and qualified researchers to study various aspects of Chiari malformation and its impact.

The Conquer Chiari Research Center has other Chiari research that you may be eligible for (genetics, biomarkers and a tissue bank).

Please register to complete the questionnaires and provide your MR images. Help is available if needed by phone or email.

*Please consider participating in the Chiari 1000 Registry even if you participated in the previous Conquer Chiari Patient Registry. While there are some overlapping questions, the research questions have been refined and we are gathering new, different kinds of data.


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